Go check your attic to see if you purchased a “fat” Sony Play Station 3 ten years ago. If you had, your time claim damages over the Linuxgate have come.

Why would Sony Owe Me Money?

Way back in 2006 when Sony released the controversial PS3, one of the biggest gimmicks of the device was the ability to install Linux. Sony heavily advertised this feature, and as a result, the Linux download was the reason many people ended up buying the PS3.

But in 2010, Sony pulled Linux (or “OtherOS”) support over security concerns. A mandatory update to the device firmly locked out Linux OS. Users were not at all happy with the situation. A class action lawsuit was filed the same year, which only reached a settlement this June.

Sony settled the case by agreeing to pay $55 each as damages to 10 million affected users. The payment process is just beginning. So, if you were an aggrieved PS3 owner, you might be eligible for a $55 payday.

Eligibility Requirements

Not just any PS3 owner is eligible for a damages claim. You can only submit a claim if you bought a “fat” PS3 in the U.S. on any date between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010.

In order to qualify, a PS3 owner must meet the following requirements as well:

  • Be willing to provide evidence under oath for purchasing a PS3 and installing Linux
  • Provide proof of purchase with a serial number of the PS3 and a PlayStation Network Sign-in ID
  • Provide proof that the owner indeed did use the OtherOS feature that was disabled

If you own a PS3, you can file a claim of proof and get $9 if you ever intended to use the OtherOS feature but never really got around to doing it. PS3 owners can also claim $9 if they can attest that the halting of Linux support results in “lost value or desired functionality or believe they were otherwise injured.”

Nothing is Final Yet

Even though Sony agreed to pay the above stated damages, the court has yet to approve the offer. The approval hearing for the settlement is set for January 24, 2017. Even if the court approves the settlement deal, Sony could appeal the decision, which could prolong the case for another year.

Even Sony is telling PS3 owners to “please be patient” in an official FAQ section for the affected.

It’s also important to note that if you file a claim and get your $55, you are agreeing to the settlement deal. That means you can’t sue Sony in the future over the same issue. If you don’t cash in, that means you don’t agree to the settlement. That will leave you free to sue Sony over the Linux issue in the future.

It you want to cash in your claim, then it’s time to get the paperwork ready as stipulated by the eligibility requirements.

You can learn more about the process from the official settlement website.

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