Apple will release a shiny new lineup of MacBook Pros this October 27th, the company recently announced much to everyone delight. Apple’s Mac reveal was supposed to be last month, and the delay initially worried fans. Now, worry no more.

The Details

According to media reports, Apple will announce new Macs this month and ship it to retailers.

Rumors also say that Apple is planning to discontinue the 11-inch MacBook Air and only continue the 13-inch model. Apple has made no formal announcements regarding this so far.

Apple has not confirmed the release of the new Macs, but there’s no reason to doubt the date. All past Apple events have been held on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Possible Features on the New MacBook Pro

The biggest feature at the event will, of course, be the new MacBook Pro. It’s important to note that MacBook Pros haven’t received any major upgrades in almost four years! So this year’s release will be big.

According to early reports, the new MacBook Pros will be thinner and lighter than previous models. However, they probably won’t come with a wedge in design like the MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pro is expected to be smaller overall with a bigger trackpad.

Apple watchers say that the new MacBook Pro will not have any of the traditional ports seen in older models. All ports will probably be eliminated in favor of USB-C support. Plus, MagSafe is also being discontinued and being replaced with USB-C charging.

The biggest MacBook Pro overhaul fans can anticipate is the addition of a top-notch OLED display with quick-action buttons to perform common tasks. Apple is working with third-party app developers to offer software to function smoothly with the new display and the touch bar.

The new MacBook Pro model will most likely have Touch ID as well, probably located right on the power button for extra convenience. Touch ID allows users to unlock the laptop without having to type in a password.

The specs for new MacBook Pros have not been released yet. Fans, though, speculate that the new lineup will be speedier than ever. The GPU is quite likely to be AMD Polaris and the processor could likely come from Skylake.

What Else to Expect from the October Event

Even though nothing is official yet, there are some things fans can expect during the October 27th unveil.

MacBook Air will receive some attention as the machines are going to be equipped with USB-C port support. If the 11-inch MacBook Air is getting the axe, it’s possible that Apple will name a new price for the 13-inch and 12-inch models.

iMac is highly anticipated to a get a huge graphics upgrade. It’s not unlikely that Apple will offer an upgraded AMD GPU and USB-C support for the iMac. Some rumors suggest minor design overhauls too.

Apple will definitely officially announce the discontinuation of the Thunderbolt Display. The tech is outdated and was heavily overpriced. In its place, Apple is expected to introduce a previously unreleased 5K display, possibly with an integrated GPU. Coming with 5120 x 2880 resolution, this powerful GPU is intended to improve display on lower-power Macs.

Last but not least, Apple will very likely release the wireless AirPods at this event. If not, the company will almost certainly announce a release date. Apple did say that the wireless AirPods will be available in October during the iPhone 7 release.

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