The Galaxy S7 Edge entered the smartphone market with a bang. It’s still the most beloved Samsung phone this year, despite the release of the ambitious (and ultimately recalled) Galaxy Note 7. There are plenty of things to like about the S7 Edge; IPV8 water resistance, for example. Then there are those annoying problems. Here are quick and easy fixes for some of the well-known problems associated with the smartphone:

Slow “Fast” Wireless Charging

One of the biggest features offered with the S7 Edge is fast wireless charging. Unfortunately for many S7 Edge users, fast really means slow. The fast wireless charging should be able to charge the battery to full capacity in two and a half hours. But, for some, the wireless charging option can take up to four hours.

Samsung has yet to directly address this problem. Until then, there are few things users can try. If the smartphone is inside a case, remove the phone case to see if it makes wireless charging faster. Also, go to battery settings and make sure that the “fast wires charging” option is on. Plug the phone directly to the power outlet without using an extension or a similar device. Some third-party charging pads may not actually work, so use the cable and charger that originally came with the phone.

Crazy Bloatware

Bloatware is a problem for all phones. However, some users have found that certain carriers are stuffing the Galaxy S7 Edge to the brim with unwanted and unnecessary applications. Users may want to get rid of these for obvious reasons such as space and security issues. You can start by uninstalling each bloatware app that you don’t like. Keep in mind that preinstalled apps don’t disappear with a simple uninstallation. Therefore, go to settings and application manager to browse disabled apps. Be careful about rooting your device to get rid of bloatware. Rooting can create problems with Samsung’s security application KNOX.

Notification Sounds are Muted

Some users are having trouble with their S7 Edges because the notification sounds and alerts are simply not there. It can be a real pain when there are no incoming text notification sounds. There’s a quick workaround to this: reboot the phone by holding the power and volume buttons down together. Other fixes include going to volume settings and making sure that notification sound volume isn’t too low. It also doesn’t hurt to go to an app’s setting to check if notifications are allowed. Sometimes, all alert sounds can get muted by the “do not disturb” mode.

The Screen Keeps Turning on at Random Moments

Some users say that the S7 Edge screen turns on randomly for no reason. If this happens frequently, it can zap battery life. Go to display settings and tap on the “always on display” option to avoid this problem. If the “easy screen turn on” option is toggled on, the screen can turn on because of hand gestures. Go to settings, then accessibility, and dexterity and interaction to turn this feature off.

Battery Overheats

Lithium-ion batteries like the one inside S7 Edge can easily overheat, and on rare occasions can become flammable as well. Overheating is not good for smartphones. There’s no way to fix overheating, but it’s something users can manage. For starters, don’t use the phone while it’s plugged in for charging. Prevent app-related battery drainage by choosing the “optimize battery use” option in settings. If the overheating persists in factory settings mode, contact Samsung or your carrier.

The above quick fixes can make life much easier for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users.

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