Do you know what kind of tech you could own in the next five years? Then the best place to start looking is online crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Aspiring tech startups and entrepreneurs often go to crowdfunding sites to get their projects to the completion stage. Most gadgets featured on these sites are not mere ideas. Some projects are already halfway there.

Here’s a roundup of the coolest gadgets featured on crowdfunding sites that could soon be available in stores:

Toy Robot Hand

What if you could own your own robot hand? Biomechanical Robotics Group is currently working on a project to develop a robotic hand that users can just play with. Hobby Hand 2.0, as it is called, is modeled after a human hand and will be able to simulate hand gestures upon completion. The idea is to allow users to become familiar with robotics, how sensors work, and to program the hand. The model hand will have sensors that can respond to stimuli like light and sound. Though it won’t work as a prosthetic hand, it will be a really awesome gadget to have, especially if you are a science major.

Water Efficient Faucet

Faucets are one of the biggest water wasters in the home. Imagine all the gallons of water you waste thanks to runoff when you are washing hands or dishes? If you are good at math, you might even be able to tell exactly how much money is literally going down your drain. Money aside, water waste is also a huge environmental concern. For these reasons, a startup is developing Altered:Nozzle, a high-tech faucet that is up to 98 percent effective in saving water.

Regular faucets let water run down like from a pipe. Altered:Nozzle instead shoots a thick mist. Droplets of water come out at a velocity high enough to clean a surface or skin. If you don’t like this mist, the nozzle can be turned to make it thicker and more, well, watery. When completed, Altered:Nozzle will indeed help you save money and the environment.

Music Player for Audiophiles

The current music player market is dominated by iPods. People who don’t use iPods use their smartphones to listen to music. Both these types of devices are designed to play mp3 and AVI files. What about the FLAC and DSD high-quality audio files? If you are an audiophile who listens to these types of files, you are probably confined to using an outdated device that looks like a Walkman from the 80s. Not the ideal gadget to take out jogging.

The Chinese electronics maker Hifiman may have a solution to this problem. The company is currently developing a portable music player, called MegaMini, which can play top-quality audio files that iPods and smartphones can’t. More importantly, the MegaMini doesn’t look like a brick. It will be easy to carry and show off.

Personal Water Jet

The water propulsion motors we know are big, loud and require a lot of fuel. Bixpy is a water propeller that just might revolutionize the water glider industry. It’s a small and lightweight device (weight is only two pounds) that can push 100 gallons of water per second! This amazing device can push watercrafts as big as a kayak. If you attach this to a paddle board or a kayak, you could be travelling seven miles per hour. Or, you could use it as a jet to propel you underwater for up to 40 minutes. If these facts aren’t fun enough, the Bixpy is corrosion resistant as well.

So, which of the above gadgets are you excited about the most?

Marty Rogers is a lifestyle, family and business blogger from the UK. He owns multiple online businesses and makes a living working from home, and writing about it on his blog. His interests include SEO, MMA, Snooker and the Countryside.