Many will be starting college as freshmen this semester. Some will be returning to yet another stressful or fun filled semester. In any case, here are the apps that will help college students navigate the fall semester smoothly:


You may have heard of Evernote, and no, it’s not just for office workers. This is the best app available to take notes and sync all your audio, video and pictures into one account. You won’t have to fumble with thumb drives carrying chemistry notes and math videos when you have Evernote. Also, the app is free for iOS and Android. You only have to pay for the premium version, and that’s only if you want to.


If you want to take notes really fast, Notella is the best app for that. It can be used alongside Evernote. Notella also allows easy syncing with iCloud or Dropbox cloud accounts. It costs $2.99 per month. The price is worth it if you are one of those super-organized students.

StudyBlue Flashcards

You won’t survive college without a stack of Flashcards. Now, those paper flashcards are so yesterday. You won’t have to waster drawer space with paper flashcards when you can create thousands on the StudyBlue app. If you are too lazy to do even that, you can simply browse through their huge database to borrow other people’s flashcards. Also, you can use pictures and audio to create these digital flashcards. How neat is that?

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Don’t want to spend close to a hundred dollars buying a scientific calculator? Or maybe you want to lighten up your school bag. RealCalc provides a top-notch scientific calculator right on your smartphone. The normal version is free. There’s also a heavy-duty Plus edition for the Einsteins out there for a price.


EasyBib’s website made creating those annoying MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations a world easier for a generation of college students. Now the service has a cool app. You don’t even have to type in the name of the book. The EasyBib app can generate citations simply by scanning the bar code on the back cover. You can then export the bibliography to yourself later. Add to this that this lifesaver is completely free. Mobile

Want to find a synonym for “juxtaposition” for your English 101 paper? Use the app when you don’t have access to a computer. It’s much faster than accessing the site using a smartphone browser.

Dragon Dictation

Hate typing term papers? Then use Dragon Dictation app to instantly convert your words into text. The voice recognition software is not error free, but it is highly accurate compared to many other similar software available on the market. You can dictate even your Facebook status to generate text. You can write close to three times faster by dictating than typing. This is the ideal app to try the hip voice-typing technique.


Want to know about all the free food events at your campus? This is the app for that. Developed by a Carnegie Mellon graduate, Food-Bot allows users to browse all on-campus events with free food open to the student body. Events can also be rated for the quality of food offered, time, and also the level of awkwardness. The only con is that Food-Bot is currently available only on 13 campuses, including Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Stanford.

In addition to the above, don’t forget to check out your campus website for student-created apps. Your campus may have its own apps for various activities that you should definitely install.

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