Microsoft officially announced their new, smaller and slimmer Xbox One S today at their Xbox E3 2016 after news of the new console announcement leaked before the event.

Highlights of the new Xbox One S include a slimmer console that is 40% smaller than its predecessor, support for 4K video output and high dynamic range (HDR) imagery as well as a 2TB hard drive, a 1TB increase from the first Xbox One which is awesome.

The console will be released in white at a cost of around £249 / £299 in the UK.

Microsoft didn’t go into too much detail regarding its specs but we do know that they’re doing away with the bulky power pack from the first generation of Xbox One, something everyone is excited about, and they’re delivering an extra 1TB of internal storage.

The Xbox One S also boasts a new, white controller which adds a texture to its back, extends its wireless range and also supports Bluetooth in addition to proprietary wireless.

It was also announced that Gears of War 4 would be one of the first Xbox One games which would be a part of their new ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ program, which allows users to play their compatible games on both their Xbox One console and their Windows 10 PC.

What a time to be alive. The new Xbox One S looks stunning!

The Verge have some great pictures of the new Xbox One. Go check ’em out.

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