Ever wondered who has the biggest boobs in the world?

Well wonder no more, because that accolade belongs to 40-year-old model and stripper Chelsea Charms who was born in Twin Cities, Minnesota. And she loves it.

Here’s a picture, and no, it’s not edited:

Chelsea Charms on This Morning

Joining Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford on ITV‘s This Morning in 2011, Chelsea said: “I didn’t plan on going this big, that just happened on its own, but I wanted to be big when I decided I wanted to be a feature dancer.” She did it for the attention from others.

Each breast weighs in at an astonishing 40lbs as of the time of this post.

As you’d imagine it’s incredibly hard for Chelsea to find clothes that cater to her bust size so she shops at plus-size stores and has them modified to fit her waist and shoulders.

She started out as a D-cup and is now a 207ZZZ-23-34.

The scary thing is that her boobs are still growing. She had Polypropylene string implants fitted by Dr. Johnson in Houston, Texas in a procedure that is now banned in the EU and US.

Although she claims that she doesn’t suffer from any back pain, it’s hard to imagine that carrying 80lbs on your chest night and day isn’t putting severe strain on the human body. She admitted she will seek to reduce her size when she wants children.

Here’s the video from This Morning:

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