Those who follow popular YouTuber Casey Neistat has just added another Phantom 4 drone to his fast-growing drone cemetary. It’s basically thousands of dollars hanging on a wall.

Casey is probably the best daily vlogger on YouTube in terms of production quality and his addiction to buying and flying drones is all part of producing such fantastic videos with engaging and compelling content for his millions of subscribers. Drone shots are fantastic.

In his latest vlog, Casey touched on the fact that many viewers leave comments berating him for breaking all of these drones, which is understandable since most people can’t afford them.

Casey says: “These things are expensive, and crashing them does suck.”

But he then goes on to explain that he can’t baby them because he likes to be a spontaneous, fast vlogger and so all of his gear, including drones, are kept without protection in his bag.

“I certainly emphasize with young creators that are totally broke and would kill to have this gear, and they would baby it, and I emphasize with them because I was one of them.”

He then explained how he got his first video camera on a credit card when he couldn’t afford to eat, and he did baby it, but since then Casey has come a long way with his career. He owned his own production company, had a show on HBO, vlogs daily on YouTube and owns a software company called Beme all of which afford him a fantastic income to do these things.

I, as a fan of Casey Neistat and his daily vlogs, would be sad to see his drone shots disappear from his videos. They’re just so good. So, Casey, keep crashing those drones!

Here’s his latest vlog:

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